Pre Tenancy

Reference Fees of £75 per tenant are applicable and are non refundable.


Post Reference

  • Equivalent of 1 months rent as a deposit
  • Extra deposit of £150 for pets (at the owners discretion)


Post Tenancy

Charges that you could be charged for -:

  • Pay a fee of £25 being the costs of the Landlords Agent for each letter the Landlord’s Agent, acting reasonably has to send to you regarding breach of tenancy conditions.
  • Pay a charge of £25 to the Landlord’s Agent for any payment presented to the Landlord’s Agent’s bank but not returned, refused or re-presented by the bank for any reason. This fee will be payable for each presentation which fails
  • Pay the landlord for the cost of replacing the locks and cutting new keys if any keys are not returned to the Landlord or the Landlord’s Agent when the Tenant moves out.
  • Pay the full costs of any action taken for the breach of contract or possession of the Property, including court fees and all other associated costs, limited if the court set an amount this is reclaimable.

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